Anton Horton’s journey began amidst the vibrant streets of Detroit, where he was both nurtured and challenged by the city’s dynamic energy. From the corridors of Winterhalter Elementary to the halls of Edmonson Elementary and Owen @ Pelham Academy, his educational path was illuminated by a stark reality: the glaring disparities in resources and support faced by many students.

It was within these formative years that Anton’s calling emerged. Witnessing firsthand the impact of inadequate resources on young minds, he resolved to become a beacon of change in the field of education. His unwavering belief is simple yet profound: every child deserves not only an education but an education that equips them with the resilience and skills to conquer life’s hurdles.

Nurtured by the streets of Detroit, specifically the intersection of Grand River and Livernois, Anton’s resolve to rewrite the narrative of Black excellence in America took root. He champions the overlooked greatness within his community, advocating tirelessly for the youth who are often sidelined in conversations about success.

Presently, Anton Horton holds the position of School Principal at UPAD Middle High School, where he continues to instill his vision of holistic education. Beyond the school walls, he serves his country with honor as a member of the Army National Guard. Additionally, his commitment to community upliftment extends to his involvement in various non-profit organizations dedicated to reshaping the narrative of Black identity in America and paving the way for future generations.

Anton Horton

Anton Horton

Board Member

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