Brandon Lane

Brandon Lane, our esteemed Senior Director of Programming and Research, brings exceptional quality and expertise to our organization. With a genuine passion for learning and a deep-thinking mindset, Brandon is dedicated to developing programming that empowers our participants to grasp abstract concepts by making them concrete, accessible, relevant, and practical. Driven by a personal goal, Brandon aims to cultivate and empower Black male educators who excel in implementing instructional practices that foster freedom and critical, creative engagement with reality. His vision extends to equipping these educators with the ability to empower their students and positively shape their interactions with the world.

Originally from Philadelphia, Brandon is a passionate educator, devoted husband, caring father, and proud graduate of Morehouse College. Following his graduation, Brandon embarked on an alternative route into education by joining the Philadelphia Teaching Fellows program. He spent the initial phase of his teaching career as a middle school science teacher and later as a high school chemistry teacher in the School District of Philadelphia and Mastery Charter Schools.

In 2014, Brandon and his family relocated to Detroit, where he continued to teach and provide training at various K-12 schools in the Detroit area. This breadth of experience has enriched his understanding of education and strengthened his ability to drive impactful change within our organization. With his unwavering commitment to education and dedication to empowering Black male educators, Brandon Lane is an invaluable asset to our team, ensuring our programming is of the highest caliber and delivering positive outcomes for our participants.

Brandon Lane

Brandon Lane

Senior Director of Programming & Research

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