Congratulations to our 2023 Teacher Wellness PLC Cohort

We are proud to announce our 2023 Cohort of The Teacher Wellness Professional Learning Community. These educators span across various grade levels and cities, while all demonstrating a commitment to ensuring their personal wellness in order to be their best for their school community and loved ones.

Please congratulate the following educators on their selection:
Lisa J. from Detroit, MI
Antonia P. from Chicago, IL
Damien M. from Detroit, MI
Naja M. from Detroit, MI
Melanie H. from Detroit, MI
Vernon W. from Detroit, MI
Pierce B. from Chicago, IL
Yolonda A. from Detroit, MI
Michael W. from Detroit, MI
Joseph S. from Detroit, MI
Isaiah W. from The Bronx, NY
Dorrine G. from Detroit, MI
Angela R. from Detroit, MI
Sydney H. from Detroit, MI
Jason K. from Oak Park, MI
Ja’Shawna R. from Detroit, MI
Joshua M. from New York, NY
Courtney P. from Detroit, MI

We look forward to engaging in this impactful work with you!

BMEA would also like to thank every educator who applied to be a part of this fellowship. Unfortunately, due to the limited number of spaces available, we were unable to offer an invitation to every applicant for this inaugural cohort, but we look forward to continuing to engage with you throughout the year, including when we launch the 2nd cohort in the Fall.


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