How Black Men Work to Incorporate Joy in the Classroom—and Why Retaining Them is Key

Recently, BMEA Founder & CEO, Dr. Curtis Lewis, discussed his thoughts around Black Male Educator retention with Phillip Lewis, Senior Editor for Huffington Post. 

Dr. Lewis shared why it is critical that schools focus their efforts on how to better retain the Black men that are in working in schools today.

“Once we put them in schools, it’s like if you put somebody into a burning building … they’re going to burn up,” the former principal said of the lack of support Black men receive in schools. “We have to get people the support and put them in spaces where they can be successful. And many of our schools are not those spaces.”

Part of BMEA’s efforts to transform education include our Teacher Wellness Professional Learning Community which also supports teacher retention.

“We have our teacher wellness program that we do, and we focus on what does it mean to take care of yourself as a Black male educator,” said Curtis Lewis, the CEO and founder of BMEA. “But also what’s your identity and how does your identity influence your role with schools and in classrooms?”

Click here to read the full article by Phil Lewis


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