Joe Bush

Joe Bush serves as the Director of Mentoring for the Black Male Educators Alliance, where his dedication to developing young Black males’ courage, character, and skills shines through. Hailing from Columbus, Georgia, Joe is driven by his passion to empower young males of color and support their communities. His core belief is that every Black boy deserves a happy, healthy life and the opportunity to become an exceptional leader.

In his role, Joe collaborates closely with young Black males, their families, communities, and schools to nurture their understanding of their worth and immense potential for achieving academic success. Through the Black Minds Leadership Program, an intergenerational mentoring approach, he strives to enhance the academic proficiency of Black male students in grades K-12 and cultivate them as agents of positive change within their communities.

Joe’s educational journey led him to Wayne State University. As an inspiring leader, dedicated professional, and compassionate community advocate, Joe consistently upholds a commitment to excellence. His unwavering dedication has a profound impact on the youth he serves, creating a lasting and meaningful difference in his community and beyond.

Joe Bush

Joe Bush

Director of K-12 Mentoring

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