We exist to transform the school experience for Black and Brown children by creating culturally sustaining policies, structured programming, and teacher pedagogy that develops students into change agents for their community.

How We Do It

BMEA’s Liberated Learners Framework is the foundation from which the organization’s professional development sessions are built. Uniquely designed by BMEA’s executive leadership, this foundational structure of concepts and strategies is intellectually stimulating and creates school environments that foster a spirit of liberation and honor Black excellence.

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Black Minds Math Leadership

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The BMEA Podcast:
Lifting Our Voices

The BMEA Podcast, Lifting Our Voices engages Black male educators and culturally responsive teaching professionals in conversations related to education policy, school reform, pedagogy, current events, and issues affecting our community. Enjoy these stimulating and enlightening conversations bi-weekly at 7:00 pm, on Thursdays via the following platforms

Latest Episodes

S4E2 – Mentoring for Black Boys

S4E2 – Mentoring for Black Boys

Welcome back to The BMEA Podcast: Lifting Our Voices. In this evening's episode, host Mike Payne is joined by BMEA's Director of Mentoring, Joe Bush. Tonight we will be discussing The BMEA Male...

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S4E1 – Welcome Back

S4E1 – Welcome Back

Welcome back to Season FOUR of Lifting Our Voices: The BMEA Podcast! We are finally back in person! In today's episode, hosts Dr. Curtis Lewis, Founder and CEO of BMEA, and Micael Payne, Co-Founder...

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S4E9 – Visions of Liberated Learning

S4E9 – Visions of Liberated Learning

We are back with a new episode of The BMEA Podcast: Lifting Our Voices! On today's episode, we are joined by BMEA Board Member, Attorney Marcia Spivey! During the conversation, we hear about...

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