Principal Wellness Professional Learning Community Fellowship

During this two-year fellowship, school leaders develop authentic relationships in a learning community with opportunities for ongoing mentorship. They identify individual challenges, set goals, and design an individual wellness plan for sustainability, transformative practices, and overall self-care. Principals receive support from culturally responsive former school leaders as they unpack experiences that result from their unique work in leadership. They are provided a safe space to share and process their experiences of community trauma and esteem as facilitators guide fellows to identify the deep-culture value systems from which they operate, and to recalibrate who they really are as school leaders. Participants leave equipped with tools to deepen their capacity to heal, alleviate their stressors, identify growth areas, and a foundational self-care plan. Fellows are engaged through the following:

  • Monthly Group Sessions (facilitated on weekends)
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • On-Going Check-Ins and Support
  • A stipend to help offset the time investment required

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Facts About the Principal Wellness PLC

Comprised of 21 Black Male School Leaders from Michigan, Ohio, and China

Students impacted by school leader Wellness and Restorative Practices


Of BMEA fellows have been retained in the education profession

Supporting the Mission

BMEA is committed to transforming the landscape of education nationwide.

Developing  a culturally responsive school community begins with the wellness of the leader.

To increase the number of Black males in education, we must first retain and develop those currently in the profession.

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