Principal Wellness
professional learning community

The Principal Wellness Professional Learning Community Consists Of: 

  • Monthly Group Sessions: 4 hours per session; In-person + virtual; Held on weekends 
  • One-on-One Coaching: 1 hour per month; Virtual; Based on personal schedules 
  • Group Text Messaging: On-Going Check-Ins and Support 
  • A stipend will be provided to help offset the time investment this opportunity requires. 

Please Read More About the PWPLC Below:

Program Objectives:

Principals participating in the Principal Wellness Professional Learning Community (PWPLC) will have the  opportunity to engage in an 11-month experience, including group learning sessions, one-on-one coaching, and  more.  

  • These sessions will provide principals with a new framework for sustainability and transformative  practices that promote healing for themselves.  
  • Principals will receive support from culturally responsive school leaders as they unpack experiences that  result from their work as school leaders. They will have a safe space to share and process their  experiences of community trauma and esteem.  
  • Facilitators will guide principals to identify the deep culture value systems that they operate from, and to  recalibrate who they really are as principals.  
  • By the end of the series, participants will have developed a safe and accepting environment to explore  their healing. Moreover, principals will have explored ways of deepening their capacity to heal, alleviate  their stressors, identify areas of growth, and create a foundational self-care plan. 

This will be a unique learning community because of its specific focus on creating a unique space for Black school  leaders to regularly convene and receive social-emotional wellness and leadership support in Detroit.

Program Outcomes

Principals will leave with a support system of  peers, new techniques to take care of their own  mental health, new understandings of the  importance of mental health in activist work, and  new ways to conceptualize dismantling White  Supremacy and supporting marginalized students  and their families.

Principals will leave understanding the principles  of Restorative Practices and how to implement  those principles in the way they lead and begin to  implement them in their schools.

Principals will create strategic plans that focus on  the overall wellness of the school community  (students, teachers, and families). They will  delineate plans to develop and cultivate their  school communities grounded in liberatory  leadership (culturally responsive teaching,  establishing authentic relationships, academic  rigor, and restorative practices) as its core  leadership approach and instructional framework. 

Principals will have gained increased leadership  efficacy demonstrated by their ability to develop  and implement sustained mental and emotional  wellness.

Components of Application
  1. Response to application questions, which includes three open-ended questions. For your brainstorming, the open-ended questions are:

■ Please share your narrative and reasons for becoming an educator. 

■ How do you hope your experiences in PWPLC will benefit your Principalship and leadership development? 

■ From your personal and professional experiences, why is it important to focus on the wellness of Principals? 

2. Upload Resume/CV with 2-3 professional references

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