S4E11 – Michigan Reading Crisis: Addressing the Read by Grade Three Legislation

The BMEA Podcast is back TONIGHT at 7 pm EST to discuss the Michigan Reading Crisis and Michigan’s Read by Grade Three Legislation. ⁠ ⁠

Our hosts, Dr. Curtis Lewis and Mr. Michael Payne are joined by Ms. Jametta Lilly, CEO of Detroit Parent Network, and Dr. Erica Robertson, CEO of Little Black Girl Adventures Publishing House⁠! These two dynamic women are working daily to support reading skill development and access for our community from very unique lenses. ⁠ ⁠

The conversation tonight is a timely one that discusses how we can all better engage and advocate for the young people in our lives.⁠

The panelists examine aspects of the Legislation that are problematic and aspects that can be positive IF paired with proper support for educators, parents, and students.

We also examine lessons learned from the pandemic and how the teaching shortage crisis impacts our ability to improve literacy statewide. We also focus on ways to better engage parents in the conversation and movement to improve literacy.


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