Teacher Wellness Professional Learning Community Fellowship

This co-ed fellowship is designed to equip classroom teachers with strategies and support, to implement sustainable and transformative practices that promote individual healing. Similarly, during this PLC educators will develop wellness plans and explore the linkages between black identity development, how social-cultural factors influence this development, and its impact on the various dimensions of wellness. Educators will also engage with one another through BMEA’s wellness community partner model to collaboratively develop knowledge and practice the skills of balance and rebalance. By centering their own wellness, teachers are better equipped to prioritize the wellness of their families, students, and school community. Participants are engaged through the following:

  • Monthly Group Sessions (facilitated on weekends)
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • On-Going Check-Ins and Support
  • A stipend to help offset the time investment required

Have a question about the Teacher Wellness PLC?
Contact: Brandon Lane | Lane@BlackMaleEducatorsAlliance.org

Launching February 2023

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